Sunday, October 29, 2006


Off the Kuff talks about the article regarding Hawkins association with the non-profit group- here's another article as well:

Perry's health chief under fire-Hawkins will consider resigning from nonprofit board.

Edited to add this: Here is a post I did back in April- read the comment. Hmmmmm.

Later this week, I'm going to start reading the 171 pages of the audit- reporting what's there so you don't have to read the whole thing.....what I HAVE read so far is interesting....and there are things Accenture didn't do that the State Employees would have NEVER gotten away with.... of course.

In case you missed the link to the audit can find them here: Strayhorn Audit.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


HHS Commissioner Fails To Disclose Information

Houston Chronicle Article

News from Lufkin

"Off the Kuff" has a great write-up regarding the audit- go HERE to read about it.

Of course, don't forget to check CAPITOL ANNEX everyday- he has great information about news around the state, including news regarding HHSC.....


Ok, so Strayhorn's report is out- you can read it HERE!

Here is a link that is inside the report also, that will take you to 171 pages of PDF files showing her actual letter about what is going on with Accenture....

Interesting reading.....

So, what do you think happens next?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm going to ramble some as my thoughts are scattered.....

1- has everyone heard about the new 2-1-1 menu options? Now, if you are a TIERS client (and there are many statewide) you can't call 211 unless you are in Travis or Hayes Counties. You are referred to your local office. Problem with that is every office doesn't have a worker/clerk available to do TIERS inquiry. So, if the client comes in for help about their case, and it's an office WITHOUT an ART worker, then what? Figures.

2- how is that jsap job placement going for everyone? How about AccessHR? Had any problems with leave? Savings bonds? If you haven't - consider yourselves lucky. This privatization is GREAT (/sarcasm)

3- have you workers been told that you surely can work weekends and late if you have to in order to stay somewhat caught up? Is this an option that is given to you more as a demand rather than something to help you out? Wow- I guess TPTB think we don't have households to take care of or kids to care for.

4- if you are a client, or someone who helps clients (Advocacy Inc and San Antonio Food Bank!)- please enourage them to contact FNS. FNS regulates the Food Stamp Program. Having to wait 40-50 days is against policy. Problem is, it's not the fault of local office staff, but rather this scheme to line someone's pockets through contracts....local office staff are doing all they know to do to do everything as fast as possible. But interview 15-20 clients per day, 4-5 days per week leaves little to no time to finish cases UNLESS that worker wants to work Saturday AND Sunday. This misconception that the public has that all we do is 'push a few buttons' to make it happen isn't so. I wish it were that easy. I'd encourage all clients to show up for office appointments rather that do by phone. Yes, it can be inconvenient- but I can assure you that a client that shows up **proof in hand** will get finished THE SAME DAY THEY ARE INTERVIEWED in most cases. Otherwise, it's more waiting.

5- Lead times are out of control. Management of lead times has become unrealistic. The offices are not staffed enough to maintain the 'staus quo' and acceptable lead times.

Clients are going without, employees are working in an unorganized chaos- while Albert Hawkins touts that we have a stable workforce. I'd love to see Mr. Hawkins come on in and sit in a lobby one day. These clients are FURIOUS at the long waits for appointments, the inability to get through to their workers on the phone (because we are all on phone interviews) and having to wait to get questions answered.

Oh, and "Hi!" Accenture (I know y'all still read here!) any insight? Y'all all caught up over there?

Check this out.

THIS is a good post...check it out.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chris Bell Commercial

He talks about firing Accenture:

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I write tonight discouraged.  Don't get me wrong, I've been discouraged for some time,  but it has reached a point ....
The "Powers that Be" have RUINED HHSC.  They have ruined what used to be a good agency that did good things.  We were the last resort for those desperate and in need, and we were there to help.
The "Snowball" effect of the work is full speed ahead.  When you couple the change in policy to do ALL interviews by phone (thereby cutting out the opportunities some clients used to have to sit and wait all day, hoping to take someone's place if they missed an appointment) AND the mass exodus of good tenured employees- everything has spun out of control.  Lead times are awful.  By the time we get to interview a client, they are already pissed COMPLETELY off that it has taken so long to get an interview.  Couple that with the fact that because they are being interviewed by phone, they most ASSUREDLY will have a delay in processing their case because they aren't there in person to give you necessary information.  So they are pended.  When they DO finally get their mail (after 2-3 days) then that leaves them with about 7 days to get their information together.  When they turn the info in, it is the client's expectation that their case be completed IMMEDIATELY.  However, how does one do that when they are interviewing all day long?  It's lose lose.  Workers are overwhelmed to the point that there are numerous employees across the state who are suffering real medical problems due to stress.  Clients are going without necessary services- their kids are going without Medicaid.  Their households are going without adequate food.  Bill money is used to buy groceries, meaning that NOW, the bills are behind.  It's never ending.
Everyone in my office is seeking other employment.  Before long, the only workers the office will have will be temps who were inadequately trained. 
Through all this, you have Albert Hawkins giving lip service to our "stable workforce".  What?  GIVE ME A BREAK.  IT'S ANYTHING *BUT* STABLE. 
Hawkins and Co. and still talking about rolling TIERS out to other areas.  Yes, please- let's add to the already growing problems with TIERS and put MORE clients in that convoluted system. 
On top of all this- TPTB are still expecting the local offices to schedule clients timely (within 20 days) and finish the cases timely.  There. Are. Not. Enough. Workers. In. The. Local. Offices. To. Accomplish. This.  Why does no one see this?  Or better yet,  "Those in charge" just don't care.  Period.  They don't.  But, the staff in local offices who are dealing with an ever increasing workload (an impossible workload) and increasingly irate clients ARE supposed to care?  Why?  No one else does.
I've said all along I wasn't one to jump ship.  I was going to stick it out.  I felt like I owed it to my clients, and my coworkers to stick it out.  I don't feel that way anymore.  No one does. 

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