Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yahoo Group Created if anyone is interested

For those of you employees reading who are interested in forming some sort of 'support group' or 'networking group'- I have set up a Yahoo Group- the name of it is:


All requests for membership WILL be approved by me. I don't want anyone in the group who is not a current or former employee going through the changes right now. You will need a Yahoo! ID to join- and it would be a good idea to email me some information prior to trying to join the group so I'll know to add you (Information could be location, tenure, whether or not you were placed in the new system, etc-put something only employees of HHSC would know). The group conversations will be private. I encourage you to create an anonymous Yahoo ID if you don't already have one. Not shared. Just a forum for us. Maybe make a few friends. Maybe network a little. Support each other through losing our jobs, or carrying on while our friends lose their jobs.....Confidentiality is a MUST. If you join the group to gather information on employees, or what is going on- only to turn around and use that information against the hardworking folks who are going through this- then don't bother.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email me.

This blog will carry on- and the Yahoo Group is only something informal where we can link up from all across the state.......To subscribe, send an email here:


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