Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just some random stuff

First off, for those of you visiting- thanks for coming by.  Please, if you will- leave a comment- anonymous is fine- just tell me if you are a worker/former worker and whether you are in a rollout area- I know there are a lot of state employees reading.
Second, we are losing two more workers.  *sigh*.  Before too long the only people left will be those who received permanent placements and temporary workers who aren't trained to really put a dent in what is going on.
It's frustrating to be doing this work- and trying to maintain quality and timeliness in the midst of all this.  I realize that there are some who do not care about any of that and never have- but that's a small percentage of our very able and educated workforce.  Unfortunately, working for the 'welfare office' hasn't always been something you brag about- because anytime someone from the 'outside' learned this, you had to hear all about how 'easy' state employees had it and all the controversy surrounding welfare itself.
What people do not realize is that when clients are unable to obtain the services they are eligible for, then they flood local food banks, and emergency rooms.  Counties and cities across the state are having to pick up the tab for kids who STILL have not been certified for Medicaid even though they applied in January or February (I guess because it's not going to be finished for another 45 to 90 business days- which is what clients are currently being told)......Food Banks are having to supplement families because the Food Stamp case isn't being worked (not for 30 business days!)......What does this mean?  That the average Joe will pay the price- in higher costs at the Dr and Emergency Room and if he falls on hard times, the Food Banks will be bare and he'll be out of luck.
Is it going to take a child going without necessary meds dying or becoming deathly ill before anyone wakes up? 

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