Friday, April 28, 2006

Another comment from a fellow advisor......

Another email from another overwhelmed worker..........posted with permission:
 am in a one worker office. It has been this way for at least five years. I
also help in another office 2 days a week. (they are bigger than mine).
I know I am getting alot of applications, and lead time for me is about 12
days today. I used to be able to get people in in less than 5 days. Not
anymore. I am being inundated with reviews and applications. Here I sit on
eom with almost all done, but it was because I have worked on them in
between appointments, lunch time, etc. I refuse to work OT. No part of that.
It takes me almost all of my weekend to get my brain back in order to
function in the world. Then, come sunday evening I feel better, but right
back here on Monday. NO fun. My family is really starting to feel this also.
My husband wants me to quit, but I am the insurance provider, not to mention
I need the pay.
I did receive a lay off notice and was devastated. The video conference was
a joke. It was humiliating to say the least!!.
I have been here almost 8 years. I have never felt this stressed.
Remember back during Katrina. That was worth all of the time it took to get
them certified, but not even a thank you, pat on the back, good job, nothing
from hhsc. WTF?
Sorry. I get so angry sometimes...
I am rude, never have been before. My clients always loved me. Not anymore.
I can't get their cases finished fast enough for them now. I have explained
to them, I am not here five days a week now. They think because they turned
the info in yesterday, it should be completed today.
And the phone calls we have to take because clients have mailed their
applications in for medicaid to TAA. That is a waste of my time. It would be
easier and faster for me to certify them.
I had a client come in this week that had called 211 to check the status of
her application and was told to come to the local office. When she came here
the clerk called 211 for the client with the client standing there. The 211
person asked the clerk, "Why are you having her call me, I can't help her?"
I am so confused now. It just keeps getting worse.

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