Thursday, April 27, 2006


I wanted to address a comment made:
I agree that we can beat the privatization. We have made an impact with the legislature with postcards and phone calls. They are starting to see it "our way". I would like to inform everyone out there that we called Royce West's office and his staff said it was no use the call centers were a "done deal" (Mr. West is a Representative in Dallas)

I have been a worker with DHS for over 10 years and have never seen the situation so bad or the moral so low.

FNS seems to be catching onto the horrible mistake it made letting Perry, Craddic and Hawkins start this fiasco but, it may be too late for those of us who stuck around because we didn't want to go work for CPS. Even if they give accenture the boot there are not enough of us left to pick up the pieces.
I have also never ever seen it so bad.  I know that I also stuck around because I didn't want to go work for CPS or ME or CCAD or anywhere but HERE. 
FNS is catching on- but I wonder what will happen next.  Will they take over?  How would that look in the real world?
What did your rep mean "done deal"?  Done as in over, or done as in "nothing we can do about it".......
I know that as long as I've worked here, I've always felt like what WE did collectively was deemed unimportant by the general public.  That's why there is not 'public outcry' over all this- because by and large- this is a poor person's problem.  Can't get through to 211?  Oh well- get a job.  Can't get Medicaid for your kid?  Too bad, shouldn't have had the kid in the first place- that's how many MANY Average Joe's look at this.  I've been told by someone on the 'outside' that maybe now I'll have to find a REAL job.  Because we all know "State employees" sit around and collect fat checks and don't really do anything more than push around paper- right?
I've noticed that there have been MANY MANY more visitors today- can anyone shed some light? 
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