Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And the rollout is back on

So at cutoff this month (May) Region 1 (?) rolls out into TIERS.  After that is ElPaso.
So, CCC (Customer Care Centers) is already THOUSANDS of case actions behind on changes, but we are going to add even MORE people to TIERS?  This makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.
So what happens to the changes?  What happens when someone reports the loss of a job (or a new job) in March, and that change isn't TOUCHED for months?  Do we, as taxpayers, want to issue benefits to someone incorrectly? 
Not to mention that regardless of fault, if we overpay a client (who reported a new job timely, for example) because the AGENCY does not work it that fair? 
None of this makes sense.  TIERS still doesn't do everything it is supposed to.....we are paying millions for this. 

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