Wednesday, May 05, 2010

And the rollout is back on

So at cutoff this month (May) Region 1 (?) rolls out into TIERS.  After that is ElPaso.
So, CCC (Customer Care Centers) is already THOUSANDS of case actions behind on changes, but we are going to add even MORE people to TIERS?  This makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.
So what happens to the changes?  What happens when someone reports the loss of a job (or a new job) in March, and that change isn't TOUCHED for months?  Do we, as taxpayers, want to issue benefits to someone incorrectly? 
Not to mention that regardless of fault, if we overpay a client (who reported a new job timely, for example) because the AGENCY does not work it that fair? 
None of this makes sense.  TIERS still doesn't do everything it is supposed to.....we are paying millions for this. 

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Anonymous said...

As a previous employee with HHSC and a sole TIERS worker, i think the rollout would do better if there were better supervisors in place in the CCC's that did not cause a hostile sexually abusive environment to work in, i loved my job, as did many others of the proficient TIERS workers that worked with me, but when you have a PM that covers all the real problems, TX will never hold the great workers in the CCC environment. TX needs to get a grip and realize seniority does not create a good leader; a good leader makes a great boss. Good luck TX HHSC workers, TIERS RAWKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Try to avoid corruption in all aspects. Recruitment process is not at all acceptable for skilled workers, technology staff. 90% of the agency recruitment is corrupted/obligated/influenced.

Anonymous said...

tier began as a corrupt bidding process . that was in 2003 2006 we has to reaply for jobs . thousands left the agency as it was to go private. 2011 things still not working . feds want texas to go into tiers now . computer outages ,unskilled case workers ,idiot sups and dumber pms . top mgt in austin are fools and the only people that suffer are the good everday, day in and day out suffer for the idiots in regions and austin. they hve never and will never tell the staff the truth about anything .you reap what you sow and texans will really get it soon .