Monday, June 04, 2007


I have to say that it's been a while.  You know, summer is upon us which is generally a very busy time in the offices.
That being said, I have to comment on Media Coverage.  You know, every article out there talks about CHIP.  CHIP CHIP CHIP.  Don't get me wrong, CHIP is a great program.  But you know what?  It's not the ONLY program.
What's more- those people on chip have a decent income.  No, they aren't RICH.  But they aren't getting $200 per month in income either.  That being said, no attention is given to Medicaid (which is also a program that can help improve the health of Texas children, and pregnant women, etc).  You only hear about how HARD it is to get CHIP.  Lost paperwork.  You know what?  Medicaid is having those issues as well.  So is the Food Stamp Program.  Tanf.  You know what happens when a family that is in the "new and improved computer system" TIERS program and they can't get their benefits?  They don't have money for FOOD. 
It just seems like to the Joe Public taxpayer, CHIP is a win-win.  It's health insurance for those who make too much for WELFARE (which is how Joe Blow sees Medicaid) and you have to pay for it.  So it is fine with Joe Public.  But do you think Mr. Public feels that way about a Medicaid card?  A Lone Star card? 
Guess what?  There are people out there who are still suffering at the hands of Hawkins and Co.  TIERS is dealing with it's caseload because it's been sent back to the ART workers.  The STATE EMPLOYEES.
Go figure.

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