Friday, September 15, 2006

I've not forgotten the blog!!!

I'm here- but have neglected to post.....and I'm sorry.
When you work until 7ish each night and weekends, the blog kind of falls by the wayside.
Work is.......the same.  Busy.  We are hiring temps, but those aren't benefitting us enough to make the workload manageable.
Workers are currently completing cases as best and as fast as they can.  I would imagine that if most of the cases worked now in local office were pulled for QC, they'd be full of errors.  I'm sure clients are being certified incorrectly- not because we are unable to do the job, but because we must do the job so fast (when you are interviewing up to 20 clients a day?  Quality is not high on the priority list- getting the case FINISHED is what matters)....we miss things.
There are still many MANY problems with clients who are in the TIERS system- and this will likely continue to be a problem until Accenture is FIRED and we rebuild the agency.  This will probably never happen.
Does anyone want to guest blog once in a while?  Email me a story- whats happening in your area- what frustrates you the most?  I'll post it.  Anonymously - of course.
I'm going to try to do better with the posting.  If you notice an article that you think needs to be put out there, please send it to me.
I had one email regarding a race with Van Taylor?  About a commerical that the incumbent opponet voted for Food Stamps to be given to Illegal aliens.  Of course, we all know that is not true- I'll try to put a link up to his site at some point or if some kind soul reading could find it for me, and send me the link- I'll post THAT.
I hate when wanna be representatives use welfare, once again, as a political football when they have no clue what they are even talking about.
Let's talk about the fiasco in Texas with privatization......
So, email me something if you want, and I'll try to get better about posting!
Hang in there!

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hhscsurvivalist said...

I hear you! My blog has certainly slowed down and for the same reason that you have....too damn busy!

Anonymous said...

Can you clarify something you said?

TIERS is HHSC's responsibility, not TAA's. How will firing TAA make the problems with TIERS any better? I am not connecting the dots here.

The last I heard was that TIERS was being expanded statewide, just before the legislative session, but that TAA's role would stay restricted to the pilot project area.

Anonymous said...

TIERS clients (who number very high across the state, not just in pilot) deal with TAA. They need inquiry about case? Call 211 (TAA). Need to report a change? Call 211. Problem is, clients rarely get what they need, and appear- surprise! in the local offices. TAA sent BACK work to local offices that were TIERS cases (which SAVERR caseworkers cannot work) because they got overwhelmed. ART (formerly SWAT) workers locally got to deal with that backlog. TIERS does not work. I believe, if I'm not mistaken- that TIERS is now the baby of Accenture.

My point is, fire Accenture and let's rebuild HHSC. Otherwise, it's only going to get worse (if that's possible)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

TIERS is the respnsibility of Accenture for upkeep, troubleshooting & development.

Hawkins stated yesterday no rollout planned; however, Williamson County is preparing to convert to TIERS at November cut-off. Notice this is after the election.

Anonymous said...

Had a client come to my office a couple weeks ago, filed her application in mid July. Got her appointment letter, addressed on day 30 so it still had a couple of mail days. Client lives in E Texas, was told her appt was in some b-f egypt town in S Texas?! Face to face, no less.

Yeah - this plan sure makes it easier for the clients! F S H P D (You fill in the blanks. Hint: THey are all cuss words!)

Anonymous said...

I know that two wkrs from my office are helping another reg. by doing phone interview. They were voluntered. That i know of their are about 6 or 8 wks down here. but the appointment are being sent by the reg the client lives in. but we might be one of the b/f egypt towns.

Anonymous said...

I'm a former 3 year HHSC TIERS caseworker. You guys need to remember that most of the people left because we were told our jobs and us weren't needed anymore. We were busily servicing hurricaine people, working practically 24/7 at the convention center, busting our butts to rise to the occasion. About a week after it calmed down, we got an bye-bye email. Then we were told we wouldn't get our food stamp bonus, that we helped HHSC get the year before because we were leaving. Thanks for all your hard work. Remember, HHSC brought this on themselves. I would have still been interviewing my clients, going to my office, working long hours, etc. HHSC treated me and a bunch of my coworkers like crap. As far as I'm concerned...they deserve what they get. If TAA is willing to pay and respect me for my be it. I'll help them work out their problems. HHSC made the choice.

Anonymous said...

Well we are doing telephone interviews for Houston applications and was told today that our region would receive and addition 1000+ cases - the listing showed file dates as old as July. And on top of that we are also interviewing for another large city that took a large loss of tenured workers. Work is crazy - like you said you do what you can and must because this is your job even though no jsap job is at the end of the road.