Saturday, June 14, 2008

new timeliness nightmare.....changes

Now that local offices in Region 7 are responsible for their own SAVERR *and* TIERS cases, one thing that was left was changes.  Local offices were told that CCC (Customer Care Center) would still handle TIERS changes on cases.  Wonderful!  No way could local offices do that TOO, right?




See, what happens is client is in TIERS.  Cl has a loss of income, for example, and calls 2-1-1 to report this.  A task is generated and assigned to the CCC portal for completion.


a month goes by- nothing.


2 months go by- nothing.


Finally, client calls local office in frustration, and guess who then has to complete the change?  THE LOCAL OFFICE. 


This also usually generates supplements on the case.  Not for just one month either, mind you. 


Supplements, because of the inefficiency of TIERS- can sometimes be erroneously generated, therefore all cases that have any kind of "extra" benefits they are entitled to for a previous month, must be caseread first.  Oh but wait!  Not just caseread.  But approved through a process called a "second level review" which has to be done by a Program Manager (in some areas). 


If the second level doesn't get done the same day as submitted, the worker has to go in again the NEXT day and request it AGAIN.


Then, and ONLY then can a supplement be done.


CCC is not to blame, they are stacked unbelieveably with changes from across the state.


Who loses? 


The client.


And the local office.


Why the local office?


Because we usually don't hear about the problem until it's a HUGE problem, meaning someone has to stop doing interviews or their own work to work this change because it MUST BE DONE NOW.


A change that, while local offices would be overburdened if they had to take them all, could have been worked before 2 months later had we known about the problem TO BEGIN WITH.


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Anonymous said...

The organization and accountability in this agency are a joke now. Blame whoever you see first. That would of course, be us in the local office. Isn't it true that we really have no contractor at this time? Who's running the show?

Anonymous said...

You forgot one step in the process, where the client calls 211, gets transferred two or three times, and is then told to call thier local office. 211 is an glorified answering service now, at least for our region. They do nothing, read nothing and have no inkling of what Human Services is about.