Friday, April 10, 2009

Vendor Scheduling

Wanted to address this comment as well:
Now local office are told not to send in the applications for the vendor to schedule but to have the local clerical staff schedule them. This is due to vendor scheduling applications untimely and several regions are under corrective action for timeliness directly related to the scheduling by the vendor. Amazing that the vendor was hired to do this work but as always the work has been pushed to the local level. What are they being paid for?

I know.  Funny how when it all shakes out, it's the ADVISORS- THE WORKERS- who are put on corrective action, coached, etc for failing to meet timeframes- EVEN WHEN THESE WORKERS DON'T GET THE INFORMATION/APPT TIMELY!  Vendors, from what I understand, will schedule anything in the "next available appt" with NO regard to that particular case, when it's due, etc.  So slots can get filled with May/June 2009 recertifications (for example) and then as April 2009 recerts come in ... THERE ARE NO SLOTS and they are scheduled into May- LATE.  Local offices had control over that type of thing- and having vendor schedule, and not knowing how many apps are going to end up in Midland - it is impossible to plan the workload.
Again, the clients suffer and the workers suffer.  When offices had control over their schedule, they could plan, hold open slots, etc.  Problem is, you can have the local office schedule, but you never know how many clients are sending 1010's to Midland.  When you have a rolled out area, all the recert packets have the Midland return envelope.  So the choice to control it is GONE. 
Local offices are on CAPS over this, is the vendor?  The more they push through, regardless of whether it was done right or not, the more they "justify" their position.

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Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that the vendor got behind in Nov and Dec and could not get the applications scanned in timely and then got behind scheduling the appointments. Created a gap from when the application was submitted to how many days it took the application to be scanned and then how many days it took for the application to be scheduled for the 1st appointment so many were 30plus days on the date of the 1st appt. Whose fault is that and who was paid to do that timely?

Anonymous said...

Since local office staff has been cut because that scheduling job was to be done by the vendor it is creating a work load issue since it is dumped back on such few staff.