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One thing I WILL say, is regions are going to 10 day Food Stamp training classes for new workers.  Now, while I understand the need to get workers in the field as soon as possible (because we need the help!), I also have been around long enough to know that 1 of 2 things will happen when you do not devote enough time up front into training staff adequately (and this isn't a slam on trainers either- they are just doing what they are told):
1- they will become overwhelmed very fast - this is a complex job, even though "the public" thinks all we do is whip out the proverbial state checkbook, and because of the overwhelming nature of the job- they will quit.
2- we will have inadequately trained workers (through no fault of their own, mind you) who stay, and do cases inaccurately (again, through no fault of their own) that will lead to higher QC errors- and add to the growing sanctions Texas is going to pay.
It's a no win situation.
Do this- take the time to train adequately correctly.  Us in the field would much rather do with the vacancies an extra couple of weeks or even an extra month if that means the new hires come into the field actually able to do the job.  New hires will now come into the field having been CRAMMED full of information, and the staff in the office are going to be too busy to adequately help them, which will lead to frustrations.  I know that while I know what I'm doing, I'm not so sure 2 weeks of training (with GWS training, mind you- along with policy)- would have been enough and I can see myself having given up years ago had I been thrown into this mess with that much under my belt.
Pay up front now, or pay later. 
Stop paying Deloitte all this money on TIERS- think of the number of workers you could hire and take the time to train with all that money instead going to Deloitte to continue with the mess that is TIERS.  You know, the more issues TIERS has, the more money Deloitte makes.  TIERS does not even correctly figure benefits right- even when income is entered correctly.  You have benefits being issued INCORRECTLY due to the SYSTEM.  SAVERR has it's issues, we all know this- but it at least knew how to project income!  Scrap these call centers- and do whatever you can to bring our tenured staff back.  All the vendor does is refer clients back to the local offices ANYWAY!  And we are PAYING them for this!    Part of our timeliness issue in TIERS comes from the vendor scheduling untimely.  WAKE UP!  Albert Hawkins left before he could be put out- and look at the fine mess he's left us in.

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Anonymous said...

i think you are exactly right - thanks for the postings - its good to see that others are like minded - it has been a struggle not to walk out the door but i feel that the new trainings will probably be overwhelmed.

Anonymous said...

rumor is that region 1 will rollout by may even though everything is still in chaos - oh the shit will hit the fan. sorry excuse my french but I am tired to the point it all seems a losing battle.