Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm still here!

Just been extremely busy! So, to get back in the groove - what's been going on out there? Rollout full steam ahead- the "Valley" region rolled out this weekend- I guess that's why TIERS was at a snail's crawl all week last week. Very hard to get work done when the system is moving too slow. When it takes 2 hours to get ONE case done in TIERS, that's a problem And if you had any delinquencies because of this, sucks to be you Mr. Caseworker- it's still your fault.


Anonymous said...

Is there an e-mail address or phone number where a journalist can contact you directly?

Anonymous said...

So they're clearing out MEPD over the disastrous planning or failed planning for ME TIERS roll out. (Ambs, Pleeger etc) And the system is getting slower and slower with every new case that's converted.

Anyone actually manage to clear a case after 3 PM in 3 weeks? When Region 3 rolls out, we'll be lucky to finish a case a day.

Anonymous said...

TIERS system still slow and numerous problems with it after builds - roll outs in TIERS in other regions are causing children's medicaid to back-up. With SAVERR I could process at least 10 children's medicaid cases per hour. In TIERS on average maybe 2 or 3 PER hour IF I am lucky. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister. It seems tiers is slower and slower. delinquencies or off with your head at the next staff meeting

Anonymous said...

I hate my life....We have an office of 12 and 5 are actively looking for new jobs. What is horrible is that it takes at least 6 months for a worker to be trained and to have a big enough case load to make an impact. ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

Everyone @ my office HATES being there!!! TIERS is unbearable @ can take an hour or more to do 1 case and we get @ least 10 a day not to mention data entries for cases that were in SAVERR and have to be converted plus we are responsible for doing interim's just WAY too much!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just come across your blog and I'd like to say a big Thank You to those who do this day in and day out. It's people like you that helped me when I needed it and no system is ever perfect and I know workers get blamed for everything but from someone who has worked hard and can only do so much with your hands tied due to work restrictions or software they have you use, regardless even though I always thanked my worker, I know there were 10 who never were thanked. I wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I am literally on the verge of walking out and taking my chances with finding another job through a temporary agency. The entire agency is a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

I worked for the State and was terminated after complaining about the heavy caseload just after i completed my probation period ended. Any chance you can post the address to check you email from out of the office? I need to try to get my emails for court. or email me directly thxx

Anonymous said...

TIERS has rolled over.. out state-wide as of this weekend. Centralized Benefits had a few cases with the staff that had been QA and were "repurposed" to process SAVERR cases. Now most of them are processing TIERS cases, including managers/supervisors. The rumor is the bully... consultant hired to push this through has been given a 5 year extended contract. That sure has ruined plans to buy that Yankee a horse to help him get the hell out of Texas.

Anonymous said...

I am a TWA also...never in my life have I ever worked for such a bully agency. I worked long hours before and after roll out...does not seem to be getting any better..but much worse. The offices are revolving doors for disgruntled, fed up, abused and misused employees. I suppose the intent was to hire as many workers as possible and then dump them when they could not meet timeliness...or they verbalized their distaste of this agency. I personally am praying for the Lord to intervene...and this agency to be exposed for what it really is...a big bully.

There are so many workers who have a passion for what they do and have been treated like 3rd class citizens. I speaking of those who have worked for years tirelessly for this agency.

Overtime is mandatory when it suits the state program managers...but otherwise it is frowned upon when workers need it to keep on top of a heavy workload. TIERS crashes every other day...get caught up and as soon as you can take a deep sigh of have to take two steps back.

I have never been treated so disrespectful. I stay for the same reason most of us came to work here...the job market is scarce and once it improves...that revolving door is going to become an elevator for a mass exodus!!!

Keep the faith guys...relief is on the way...and so is exposure for those who have been treating employees like the mud beneath their shoes.

Those same folks at the top may soon find themselves on the bottom of the heap.

Anonymous said...

I wish this had dates for comments.
I'll add my own.... today is 12/31/11 (see how well I was trained?)

I started with this agency about 20 years ago as a clerk. I worked my way up and make jokes that I clawed and scraped my way to the bottom.bbAt no time did I ever think this would become a career, but turned out I am good at this. I am also good at seeing things and wondering what on earth goes on in some peoples' minds. Most importantly, I am a good manager.

Yep, TIERS is now rolled out. Thanks (not) to the bullying of Stanley Stewart. It's a darned good thing MEPD and CBS completed the conversion because I was becoming concerned that he might break his arm patting himself on the back.

As each region rolled out there he was in a picture with that s**t eating grin next to the RD and whoever else was around. Credit was given to the advisors, as it should have been. Credit was given to ART, as it should have been. There were a lot of other people that didn't see a mention much less any credit. A lot of State Office staff were 'repurposed' to work SAVERR cases in order for regional staff to be trained.

I've read and read and read so much rhetoric, but I think my favorite was a 3 part story entitled, "BACKLOGGED, the growing wait for state services", in Stateline, State Policy & Politics. The article for December 15, 2011 focuses on how Texas overcame its backlog. In that article former OES Commissioner, Elisa Garza, is quoted. Isn't that an amazing trick considering that she and Stanley Stewart went to El Paso, and when they returned she no longer worked for HHSC?

I haven't forgotten being a clerk or an eligibility worker and when necessary will work cases with and for staff. This job is direct delivery and our customer is the client that comes in our offices, calls on our phones, and sends in their application. As I informed a region about a year ago when they insisted it was not their responsibility to open a TP45 when DCU hadn't, "the day I think I am too good to assist a client, is the day I need to leave this job. The amount of time wasted with this back and forth email could have been spent opening the baby's Medicaid." It is the client that keeps everyone in a job from Mr. Suehs right on down. So yes, working long hours is horrible. Realizing you have a 30 mile drive across country to make and it's 10pm is horrible, but someone appreciates what you do. I appreciate it, but really... the clients appreciate it too.

Here is the hyperlink if you're interested in the Stateline article: