Saturday, August 19, 2006

What it is becoming out there....

As has been mentioned time and time again in the comments and on this blog- the media has no idea what is really going on. Used to, the articles pointed to the long hold times that people had when they called the the articles all point out the long wait times at local offices WITHOUT mentioning that the reason the local offices are in such disarray is because we are severly SEVERLY short staffed.

We have offices working under 50% staffing. We have offices around the state with NO clerical support- workers are having to bear this. We have offices where there isn't anyone available to do the most mundane tasks- opening and distributing mail (for example)...and yet, it's almost as though the intent is to make the "State Employees" be the bad guys. Afterall, aren't we- the "state employees" the ones who are against Accenture/TAA just because we are "disgruntled" and angry we are losing our jobs? So what better way to "show" everyone why we need a "new system" than to have the local offices tank, little by little, and become inefficient and unable to handle the workload.

Is that what all this is?

Do you want to guest blog? Email me what you would like posted...and I'll post it. It's all anonymous, but if you want to put where you are- what area- that's fine.

Hang in there guys.


Anonymous said...

I know what you are talking about. I am tired or reading negative things about us workers. The clients don't understand either. I am not at my office full time now. I have other places to go and they don't understand. It is all disgusting and I can't be a part of it anymore. I am looking for work==I don't care if it pays less or not. I don't have enough years in to be worried about it anymore. I think I am at my breaking point. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen or heard of. Other states are watching us also. They are going to do the same, once they see how great ours is.
I saw today where the IRS is now outsourcing to private companies with a tax debt of less that $25,000.If Bush has his way there will be no federal of state government except for the fat cats making the laws. Like I said, it is all disgusting.
I don't know what the answer is for HHSC, but I think it is too far gone for it to be repaired. It is embarrassing to even tell people where I work.

hhscsurvivalist said...

The heads that be at HHSC and TAA, Aceenture, have always blamed us front line staff for any failures, including their own. I know you must have realized that by now!