Saturday, November 18, 2006

Email to employees........Good Luck Williamson County

As you know, we have been evaluating the possibility of converting additional cases to TIERS. This will allow us to continue to move cases to a modern, upgraded system while work continues on improvements to the larger integrated eligibility system. Earlier this week, we completed the final readiness assessments and determined that we are ready to convert clients at our two Williamson County offices to the new computer system.
We selected Williamson County for this conversion because 25 percent of the clients in those offices already are on TIERS, and many of the workers have experience using the new system. ART workers will fill in at the Williamson County  offices while the rest of the staff receives training. In addition, ART workers will be on hand to assist with the transition.
The actual case conversion will take place over the weekend. As part of the conversion process, each case is examined to ensure that the benefits calculation in the new system matches the previous calculation to the penny. A team of 19 ART workers will review any cases that do not match exactly and resolve any issues before cutoff next month.
We’ll begin processing all new cases in TIERS on Monday. The transition should be seamless for clients, and state workers will continue to process all cases. The conversion will provide Williamson County clients with the ability to check the status of their case by phone or apply online.
If you have questions or concerns, please let your supervisor know. One of the keys to any computer conversion is to identify and address issues quickly. You are on the front lines, and we need and value your input to make the transition successful.
Thank you for all your hard work and your commitment to our clients.
Anne Heiligenstein
Deputy Executive Commissioner for Social Services

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