Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Last year the Texas Legislature passed HB 1516, which authorizes the consolidation and privatization of the information technology (IT)/data center departments of 27 state agencies.

The plan will merge much of the IT functions ofthe agencies into one or two data centers, one of which must be located in SanAngelo, and then contract out operation of the data center(s) to a private contractor. This plan will be yet another high-tech boondoggle, like the Accenture/eligibility services and the Convergys/AccessHR projects that have wasted vast sums of money and reduced the ability of state agencies to fulfill their missions. Over 500 agency positions are due to be eliminated or transferred to a contractor under this proposal. A list of the agencies to be affected follows, below the list of DIR Board members. According to the current schedule, a contractor is to be selected in December2006. This date would make it much for difficult for the Texas Legislature to look at this plan again. Many suspect that the date was chosen to make this plan a "done deal" before the Legislature has a chance to reconsider it.

TSEU believes that our recent experience with high-tech outsourcing contracts should be a warning, and that this plan should be cancelled. At a bare minimum, the speeded-up implementation should be slowed down to allow the Texas Legislatureto reconsider the plan. Several legislators have expressed these concerns, and have suggested that, at a minimum the implementation schedule should be slowed downto give the Texas Legislature a chance to look at it again. Rep. Jim Pitts, of Waxahachie, is the chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

He would have the power to call for a slowdown in the roll-out of this plan.

TIME IS CRITICAL: DIR is scheduled to select a contractor in December.

TAKE ACTION TODAY to save tax dollars, quality services, and state jobs.

Slow down the headlong rush into another boondoggle that will put millions of tax dollars, and the operating efficiency of 27 state agencies, at risk.

1. Get involved. Contact Mike Gross at TSEU (, or (512)448-4225)

2. Get state agency IT employees involved. Do you know a state worker in anagency IT/Data Services department? Have them contact TSEU to get involved

3. Call your state legislator ASAP. Ask him/her to: A. Contact Rep. Jim Pitts, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and askhim to call for a delay in the roll-out of this plan. B. Contact Governor Perry. Ask him to direct that the plan be delayed. C. Contact members of the DIR Board and ask them to call for a more thorough analysis of this project, and a delay in the roll-out schedule to allow legislative review.

For information on how to contact your legislator, go this link on the TSEUwebsite:

William L. Transier, DIR Board Chair Co-Chief Executive Officer, DirectorEndeavour International Corporation, HoustonTerm: 02/01/2003 to 02/01/2009, Appointed by the Governor

The Honorable Charles Bacarisse Harris County District ClerkHarris County, Houston Term: 07/17/2006 to 02/01/2007, Appointed by the Governor

M. Adam Mahmood, Ph.D.Professor of Computer Information Systems & Business AdministrationThe University of Texas at El Paso, El PasoTerm: 02/01/2001 to 02/01/2007, Appointed by the Governor

The Honorable Debra McCartt MayorCity of AmarilloTerm: 02/01/2006 to 02/01/2011, Appointed by the Governor

P. Keith Morrow CIO & Vice President of Information Systems 7-Eleven, Inc., DallasTerm: 03/07/2005 to 02/01/2011, Appointed by the Governor

Cliff P. MountainManaging MemberAccent Capital, LLC, Austin Term: 02/01/2003 to 02/01/2009, Appointed by the Governor

Bill Wachel Principal/Owner The Wachel Group, DallasTerm: 02/01/2003 to 02/01/2009, Appointed by the Governor

Robert L. Cook Executive Director Texas Parks and Wildlife DepartmentTerm: 02/01/2005 to 02/01/2007, Ex officio

Brad Livingston Executive Director Texas Department of Criminal JusticeTerm: 02/01/2005 to 02/01/2007, Ex officio

Adam Jones Associate Commissioner for Operations and Fiscal Management Texas Education AgencyTerm: 02/01/2005 to 02/01/2007, Ex officio


Department of Criminal Justice
Department of Information Services
Department of Licensing and Regulation
Department of Public SafetyGeneral Land OfficeDept. of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
Dept. of Family and Protective Services (DFPS)
Dept. of State Health Services (DSHS)
Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)
Office the Attorney General
Public Utility Commission
Railroad Commission
Secretary of State Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Building and Procurement Commission
Commission on Environmental Quality
Dept. of AgricultureDept. of Insurance
Dept. of Transportation
Texas Education Agency Higher Education
Coordinating Board Parks and Wildlife
Library and Archives Commission
Workforce Commission
Youth Commission
Water Development Board

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