Friday, January 26, 2007

TSEU Broadcast Update 01/26/07

Who is Accenture trying to influence with mega media campaign?
Since January 1 Accenture has spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a media advertising blitz that includes at least seven full pages and five half-pages on the Austin American Statesman along with frequent spots on Austin-area radio and television. There radio campaign includes major donations to local PBS station KUT with the regular "announcements" of the corporation's name and slogans. Full page ads in the Statesman cost about $20,000, and half-pages cost about
$10,000 each, so the media buy in the Austin newspaper alone was about $150,000.
The newspaper ads are all close copies of one another, and feature full-page images of golf champion Tiger Woods with bits of inspirational wisdom like "relentless consistency 50%,willingness to change 50%, high performance delivered."
Accenture sells no consumer products or services, which raises the question of who the campaign is aimed at. The Bermuda-based corporation once had an $899 million contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to provide human services eligibility via call centers.  The contract was reduced to about $566 million after Accenture failed to deliver on most of  the promised products and services. The contract has been a total failure, and many legislators are
calling for a complete cancellation. Press coverage of the problems has played a major role in bringing the issues to the attention of lawmakers. With legislators in Austin for the 80th session of the Texas Legislature, Accenture would not be helped by more media coverage of its failures.
Accenture's high-dollar advertising campaign appears to be a desperate attempt to restore its tarnished image and encourage less media coverage of its failure to deliver quality health and human services.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that once the company was announced the next day or so, I was watching my morning news programs while I got ready for work and all of a sudden the commercial with Tiger Woods (in the shower) "Be a Tiger". It was for Accenture. I felt they were just advertising to get their name out there as a successful company maybe. To get the clients trust? Makes me wonder why the American Statesman would even take an advertisement like that?
Wonder how many lobbyist Accenture has? Did anyone see them at Mini Lobby Day this past week?

Anonymous said...

"What have you done for me lately?"