Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Word on the Street

Got this from someone in email.....please, if you hear something or know something, email me the info- I NEVER reveal where it comes from.

On to the info:

Rumor has it that Planned Parenthood offices are signing up clients for
that new program (Woman's Insurance Program), apparently without their
knowledge...... A woman came in to apply recently for benefits and found that
she was a TIERS client. The only thing that she had done remotely close to
applying for benefits prior to this was visited the local Planned Parenthood for
an exam. Another woman had gone to Planned Parenthood to get birth control. She was willing to pay for any services provided, but was told she couldn't, that
she had to sign up for "a Medicaid program" that would cover it.... This is all
second party hearsay, but the source is reliable, as they had to try to explain
the why's and wherefores of the new program to the clients.

Wait a minute, what? So PP is signing clients up without them knowing? Are those one page applications required to be signed? If this is happening, who do we tell? Will it matter?

The second tidbit is that the new program has already overwhelmed the
unit that is supposed to be working the cases and converting associated cases.
Over 7000 applications were tallied through 011507, with more on the way. They
are already asking some of the other ART workers to help out. This really Chaps
my hide, as they KNEW that they would have a gadjillion applications to process
at first. Are these poor clients going to go without if their cases come up for
review during the transition?

I've heard this as well...that there is already a massive amount of overflow into ART. Again, as was said here before....these clients have NO IDEA that this will throw them into TIERS for ALL their cases.


Anonymous said...

What in the world is going on?
Clients are going to have to rally along with state employees. Picket yourselves, after hours,
I have e mailed and e mailed different national news organizations and they won't do a thing. This is sick, sick, sick.

Anonymous said...

People lie about Planned Parenthood so much that I wouldn't believe any second hand report without confirmation, particularly one which accuses them of bad actions.

Anonymous said...

We have confirmation. From the local Planned Parenthood office, they are mandated as of 01/01/07 to sign any woman that comes in their doors meeting the criteria (18 - 44, capable of bearing children)up for the WHP. The kicker is that they are not being given any info on the program at all. We had a lady call the office wondering why she was getting a pending notice about her medicaid...She had not applied. A worker who had been following the underhanded deeds of the upper management of HHSC asked her if she had been to planned parenthood, and she had. She was going to file a police report as she thought identity theft was involved. She had gone in asking about birth control, was asked a few questions and was asked to sign a few papers, that was it. Now she will be another member of the TIERS parade...

Anonymous said...

I know I heard a lady in Texarkana area talking about she can't go to the Health Clinic anymore unless she has medicaid. She didn't think she qualified for a regular TP 55, but after looking at her income and child care costs she did. She wants it instead of any other plan. She was told to apply. At that clinic they didn't sign her up. It is a county clinic, no state though. Maybe that is why.