Thursday, April 05, 2007

Check this out!

Another little something from the Texas Observer......

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Anonymous said...

Thought this part of the article was interesting:

Now HHSC wants to rollout its new computer system — known as TIERS (pronounced “tears”), which has suffered more failures than Jet Blue. The feds are less than thrilled.

On March 23, they sent HHSC another stern letter, this time denying the state approval to expand TIERS beyond the two Central Texas counties it’s now serving. The letter has been making the rounds at the Capitol the past week and has caused quite a stir.

If HHSC again blows off federal approval, the feds wrote, they will cut off the cash for TIERS: “FNS will not participate in further funding of the [TIERS] project if the state elects to move forward with an expansion…without FNS’ prior approval.”

Will that deter HHSC? The subject is sure to come up when Hawkins testifies tomorrow morning before the House subcommittee investigating TIERS.

Anonymous said...

So what are you thoughts? Will I ever be hired on permanently? temp twa1

Anonymous said...

The texas observer has a few more blogs on HHSC and Hawkin's on of the says that HHSC soft or covered up flaws in the TIERS system, and the HHSC announced to the State Leg. that they will not roll out any counties after all the month.

they get better.