Saturday, April 21, 2007

This -n- That

I've been unavailable as of late and unable to update the blog- although many good things have been coming out- I encourage you to go to the right side of this blog and check out the links- right now the "Texas Observer" is doing a FANTASTIC job of documenting alot of the mess we are going through right now.
Also, I plan to do a post about the enormous pressure workers are finding themselves under in the local offices in regards to timeliness.  Here's the thing- Upper Management demand timeliness be brought under control.  There is a trickle down effect.  Advisors are now being told that we must get this under control "or else" (coaching, "could be dismissed")- as if this fiasco was even CAUSED by the advisors.  Um, no.  Let's not also forget that there is a cause for this problem with timeliness (someone sent me an email that showed Region 7 is sitting at under 80% timely right now and is under a "corrective action plan")-  and that cause is people (advisors) leaving.  No one can possibly reasonably expect (for example) 10 workers to do the work that 30 workers used to do and remain timely.  There aren't enough slots available to schedule anything timely.  How is this an advisors fault?  What does "Upper Management" want staff to do?  Lie?  Falsify dates?  Information?  I'm sure that somewhere out there an Advisor who is being coached for something over which they have NO control will think of other ways to make it better so they don't lose their job.  If you are being told this kind of information in regards to timeliness...leave a comment- is your office file dating 1010's correctly?  Are 1010's "missing"?  What is the scheduling issue in your office?  Email me if you'd like- all correspondence is confidential and remains anonymous.
More to talk about on this later......
Look for information from "Off the Kuff" on Monday also in regards to HHSC's response to the OIG audit of TIERS.  (Link is to the right).

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Anonymous said...

It's akin to smashing someone's computer and then demanding that they get their work done on time anyway. Wrecking the system by which workers produced timely work and then demanding timeliness anyway defies logic, but it's no surprise on this end. They screwed up royally and it's being splashed all over the papers, so they clamp down harder on the rank-and-file for damage control. What are they going to do - fire en masse the workers who are trying to work within the system the Commission ruined? They don't have enough state workers as it is to handle the job. They should be kissing the feet of these workers that they've stayed on despite the slaps in the face they have received, because the rank-and-file know that the neediest Texans don't deserve to shoulder the fallout from the Commission's blatant screwups.