Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rollout done?

So, how's it going out there?  

Wanted to talk a little bit about the horrible incident in Laredo.

Our agency and it's workers are being vilified in comments sections of major news stories (abcnews.com and huffingtonpost.com for example).....

We work hard.
We work long hours.
We have lazy workers (just like every other job on earth).
We have super workers that truly do believe in what they do everyday.
We have many workers trying as hard as they can to make a difference in the lives of Texans.

Obviously, this family had alot going on.  I see in comments in other places that we should have gone to her home and "see" how she was living.  It does not and will not ever have a bearing on eligibility.

Joe Public needs to make up their minds- either you want people to have to go through a process for the benefits, or you want us to just arbitrarily hand out benefits based on what they "look like".  You cannot have it BOTH ways.

To all my fellow workers out there- what you do is important.  It's hard.  It's time consuming.  You miss family time and work long hours.    But know at the end of everyday you are ensuring a family has food to eat.  

God Bless.
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The Red Queen said...

You are 100% correct. For years I have informed people that food stamps/SNAP has not one thing to do with feeding the poor or hungry. The program is funded and monitored by the USDA and is intended to help the farmer. And there is not one person in this country that does not depend on SNAP. It keeps grocery stores in small communities. It keeps prices down. It ensures jobs. EVERYONE depends on SNAP, like it or not. Someone has to make the tractor the farmer drives. Someone has to make the paint on the tractor. Someone has to cut down the tree to make packaging. Someone has to market the product. SNAP is your circle of life.