Friday, July 07, 2006

Indiana Caseworker Comment! Welcome to those readers/workers from other states!

Indiana Caseworker: Caseloads running around 400 in our office. Lots of pressure from management now. After working more than 25 years I have accumulated around 100 vacation days but as you said, if you use them you just get that much more behind. I will probably lose most of them when we privatize. Privatization was to start July 1 but has now been delayed a few months. Thanks for this website as I have been very interested in what is happening elsewhere. Accenture is one of two companies bidding for eligibility jobs. We are working under pressure of some court orders on timeliness of medicaid disability applications that is a tracking nightmare but it has speeded up processing. We are losing employees that aren't being replaced. With training it takes a good year to get someone fairly independent and up to a full caseload if they survive that long.No overtime allowed here and the bargaining agreement was thrown out with the change in governor last year so the union has no power. The caseworkers who have TANF and FS Impact(work program) have much lower caseloads and higher pay in our office. Child Protection has now been totally separated from eligibility.


hhscsurvivalist said...

I wonder if the other company is IBM? Those 2 were the finalists in Texas. After Accenture was awarded the contract, IBM filed suit vs. HHSC because Accenture received "insider information". Alot of former head HHSC personnel now work for Accenture!

IBM later withdrew the suit but it is still a "mystery" as to why?

Anonymous said...

Because IBM got other contracts I believe. Behind the scenes projects. Did ibm create the new WTPY system?
I've seen their name on something, I just can't remember at this time.