Monday, July 17, 2006

Joining the Union

This blog is not going to preach about joining the Union....but I must say that if you are not a member of the Union, you should be.
Historically, many employees feel like that because we do not have the right to bargain or strike, that there isn't anything the Union can do for us.  However, I must say that I implore anyone reading here is NOT a member of the Union to realize and understand that the Union is working very hard to get this Agency back.  They work with your State Representives in getting client services back to acceptable levels and work to save your jobs.
I wasn't a member of the Union for many years due to the fact that I was unaware of what the Union could do for ME specifically.  However, I've come to realize that what is good for me is good for everyone and vice versa.  If the Union can, for example, sway State Reps who were previously ALL FOR privatization to rethink their position, this is a huge positive.  They are hard at work all the time making phone calls, making visits, dealing with whoever they possibly can to help others on the outside see the light of what has happened with the contract with Accenture.  We, front line staff, knew all along that the push to privatize was never going to work.  We said it from the very beginning.  State Reps had no idea of the amount of work we really did, and all they saw was Hawkins and Co. say they were going to save Texas millions of dollars.  Nevermind the fact that pre-Accenture, Texas was GETTING millions from the Feds in enhanced funding ALREADY.  The Enhanced Funding Bonuses that were being paid to Texas were the direct result of Advisors ensuring that cases were worked accurately and timely. 
If you haven't already, click on the link to the Union and just read up on it.  Consider it.  There IS power in numbers.  Imagine if the entire agency was part of the Union- this would increase the amount of money the Union needs to lobby FOR us.  If you are already a member of the Union, I encourage you to become a member of COPE. 
If you aren't a member now and would like more information, leave a comment....I'll do my best to find out what you need.

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