Sunday, June 25, 2006


Got this in comments:

I work at the san antonio PROCESSING CENTER it is not a call center. I read your post quite often. I am intrigued by the misunderstanding as to what we actually do in San Antonio. We most definitely are not a Call center. We process applications. We do our best...and I think at this point thats all anyone can do...I think the main problem is we have all forgotten that we are there to help people. When go to work everyday I try to keep that same mentality all day everyday.....Oh by the way..we had a big layoff yesterday (Friday 06/23/2006). Some scary intense moments..Dont know what will happend now..But please know..the people in San Antonio are a good group of people I kow I am one of them..and we are on your side, we should all be on the side of the most vunerable people we serve. Thanks

Do the employees in San Antonio NOT talk to clients? Because that's not what we understand out here in the field.

Also, can you give more details on the layoff yesterday? Who was laid off? Is it true that staff at the "Processing Center" had to be tested in the last week/two weeks?

I do not believe anyone has forgotten we are here to help people. Local office field staff are struggling with being understaffed, etc- yet they stay, because we believe in what we do.

If anyone who works at the Processing Center would like to email me and explain what your job is, please do. I don't reveal sources.


Anonymous said...

A lay off?

hhscsurvivalist said...

I heard of a layoff, myself.

Anonymous said...

See for details about the layoff.

Today, San Antonio is only used to process applications, but is scheduled to eventually provide call center services as well.