Monday, June 12, 2006

Spin, of course.

Letter to the Editor: Clearing the Record on Accenture

Houston Chronicle
The Chronicle's June 7 editorial "Black hole" claimed that Accenture has "wrongly disenrolled numerous Texas children from health insurance for the working poor." All unbiased observers agree that the decline in the enrollment for the Children's Health Insurance Program is the result of legislative changes adopted in 2003 and more recent rule and policy changes made to strengthen the CHIP program's integrity.
As for the decline in Children's Medicaid enrollment, the Texas ACCESS Alliance did not begin processing Children's Medicaid until January 2006 and is only processing a portion of new applications. Our understanding is that the decline in Children's Medicaid is the result of declining renewals, a process in which TAA is not involved.
Keep the record straight on TAA and Accenture's role in helping Texas implement a new, integrated social service eligibility system.
*Mr. McAvoy why don't YOU keep the record straight and be honest.  Stop acting like TAA has never made an error and this is ALL policy or as you infer (by referencing that you do not do renewals on Medicaid) the State's errors that account for the decline.  Local offices actually got to deal with your clients who applied for Medicaid and were given the run around each time they called, pended for unnecessary information, etc- it was actually the local offices that would step in and actually get the client certified- in effect, doing the job your company was paid to do. 
For more than two decades we have built our record on excellent service to the state of Texas. We are committed to excellence in meeting our contractual responsibilities as Texas works to modernize its social service eligibility system.
James McAvoy
Director, Corporate Communications, Accenture
Washington, D.C.

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Anonymous said...

Has this man not ever heard the phrase "Don't mess with Texas"?

The more I look at all of the Blog websites by HHSC employees the prouder I am.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I will agree with Mr McAvoy that the primary reason for the decline in CHIP caseloads are the new documentation requirements, however I haven't seen any contestation of the media reports about a 42 percent abandonment rate to the CHIP hotline. 42 percent!

In general, everyone's hands are dirty in the eligibility rollout, and attempts to spin something as all TAA's fault or all HHSC's fault are wrong.

Anonymous said...

My hands are not "dirty". I was supposed to be laid off. Still waiting...

Anonymous said...

My mind is..........HAHA

hhscsurvivalist said...

Front line caseworker's hands are NOT DIRTY! We did our job and contiue to do them. HHSC's higher mngt and Accenture's hands are, however, DIRTY! The legislators that allowed them to be influenced by the Accenture lobbyists' hands are DIRTY! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLAME THE STATE'S FRONT LINE CASEWORKERS FOR THIS! WE TRIED TO WARN THEM (HHSC AND LEGISLATORS, ALOKE) - THEY REFUSED TO LISTEN!

Anonymous said...

Amen to what hhscsurvivalist said!!! We are professional, ethical and moral. We are working under extreme duress right now but we show up and continue to do the best we can because WE CARE! Unlike Mr. McAvoy apparently.