Monday, June 12, 2006

Letter to the Editor (2)

Letter to the Editor: Don't Scrap HHSC System

San Antonio Express-News
What can we believe about the Health and Human Services Commission? Is it "out of date," like Commissioner Albert Hawkins says ("New benefit system suits more Texans," May 31)? Or has it done outstanding work that earned the state $142 million in federal bonus payments, as stated in a HHSC press release issued in September 2004?
The old system needs some new computer software, but it does not need to be scrapped! Why would the taxpayers of Texas want to throw out a system that was working well for a system that does not? Not only is the new system fraught with well-documented difficulties, but also Accenture, the company running it, is in big trouble in other states for failures to meet contractual agreements. I don't want Texas to go down that road and waste all the money that should go to services for citizens.
The state of Texas is not a business, and the welfare of the citizens is more important than trying to save money. Apparently, Hawkins and our legislators do not care about the citizens of the state, just the wealthy ones who don't need services.
Linda H. Sowdal
San Antonio

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Anonymous said...

checking out your site, I've been working until 7;30 - 8pm almost each night. I feel tired, but just wanted to say, that I was talking with some of the workers that are going to the San Antonio call center on Monday. I was reading some of the Doc. from one of the cases that they were reading. It really made me sad to hear the frustation that the clients and the TAA workers handling the phones their are going through. They told me that those poor kids don't know what to tell the clients, and they feel very bad that they can't help. Just like us. We are working to our physical limits, but we will not be able to help everyone. as of today or lead time is 32 days. We are losing 2 more workers at the end of the month. Good luck to them where ever they go. They did another realignment today. No body asked what the caseload is. WOW. It does not matter. Too many cases.

Anonymous said...

Is this call center in tiers also?

Why do they not know what to tell the clients? Lack of training, understanding the screens, or just overwhelmed and don't understand the programs yet?