Friday, December 29, 2006

Full Speed Ahead into 2007!

Remember when I posted a reader's letter to many reps/state officials regarding the Women's Health Program?

Well, that reader has received ANOTHER response...this time from the Comptroller's was posted in the comments, but I feel it's worthy of being on the blog itself so no one misses it:

This was from the Comptroller's office:

Dear (worker):

Comptroller Strayhorn has received your e-mail regarding Medicaid's new
Women's Health Program, its potential negative impact on the troubled TIERS
system and potential problems that could result for families receiving other
types of financial assistance.

She has asked me to respond to you. We are forwarding a copy of your e-mail
without your name to the attention of Anne Heiligenstein, Deputy Executive
Commissioner for Program Services, Health and Human Services Commission. Alert local employees are often the first to realize potential problems and issues
involved in the application of new policies, programs and procedures within the
context of complex systems.

It is important for staff to stand up and be heard so that unforeseen negative consequences can be avoided. We applaud you for having the courage to do so. We are confident that Ms. Heiligenstein will investigate your concerns and make any appropriate changes in the Commission's plans so that the new program can proceed without creating additional problems for our state's neediest families.

If you need further assistance, please contact me by e-mail at

Vicki Anderson

Let this response serve as a reminder to all of
us "in the field"- your voice CAN be heard. I encourage everyone willing to email whoever you can as much as you think possible to get the word out. We do have a voice, and we WILL be heard.--hhscemployee

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