Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interviews per day

I'd like advisors reading (or anyone else who knows the answer) to tell me how many appointments you are seeing a day.
Do you get a workday or any worktime at all?
Is your office mandating interviewing on Saturdays?
What can we, as the remaining HHSC employees, going to do to make our voices heard?
Is there anything we can do?
What would YOU be willing to do to make your voices heard?
Do we need to all flood our local representatives with emails telling them that they are not getting the full and true story about what is going on in the local offices if they are depending on THE POWERS THAT BE to give them the info?
If someone reading has a good blanket statement would could all send to our reps, would anyone do it? 
If we come up with that, would you send the link of my blog to every coworker you have to get everyone on board?

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Anonymous said...

It seems we have it relatively easy for right now....We are
scheduled for 3 applications per day, one dedicated slot for an
expedite, and reviews every half hour, usually 6 or 7. Total people
scheduled per day is 11 or 12. This is four days per week. Friday is
set aside for work time, but it is the only day to set reschedules,
so usually we see from 6 to 8 people that day too. Somewhere in
there, we need to do our Adult Medicaid and TANF apps, Childrens'
Medicaid Apps and reviews, and any reports assigned.....
We can work Saturdays if we want, but no interviews are being done
that I know of, just free work time.
At one time we had 15 workers in our office. At one time we dropped
to four. We are back to five, and four temps. Three of them are
returning workers, and one is a very quick, bright young man. We
didn't ask about in house training, we just had him sit with us on
interviews, and he took notes, asked questions, and learned that
way. He was ding food stamp cases well enough to get a clean readng
before he went to training...Now he's in training for TANF, and he
says that's a whole new world.....Yeah, it is.
We just gat a new supervisor, and will be getting a new PM at the
beginning of the year. Hopefully they are both understanding of the
plight of the lowly worker, and won't be too stuck on stats...
I have forwarded this blog and the kaos blog to coworkers and some
of the newspapers and politicians in the area. I ain't skeered. What
are they gonna do, fire me? Could be a blessing. The situation has to be heard by everyone. The only way to get a response from the people in Austin is if they start getting information from their constituents.....The people that we serve.

Anonymous said...

Waco is double blitzing with most of the staff temporary employees. The tenured staff are leaving left to right.
Waco is basically in crisis mode.
At the rate they are going there won't be any tenured staff there.
The temporary staff are already burned out and about to leave also.
What happens when everyone walks out?
Will they finally get help?