Friday, December 01, 2006


This was in comments, but I wanted to put on the blog so that more people might notice...any insight?

Actually, Albert is still lying. I did an open records request and have in
my possession the copy of the sole source justification dated 12/28/05 for over
1,000,000 dollars to the Texas Health Institute. I do not know why Al must
continue to lie, maybe because the truth in this case is not his friend.The sole
source justification essentially states--because we picked them to do it-- and
is unsigned.There is no RFP or award announcement that was ever made. It was a GIFT. A non-competitive retainer to pay this group to lobby for privatization.
The staff of this non-profit are mostly former staff to legislatos turned
lobbyist.BTW--the Chief Operating Officer at DSHS (Health) worked for Michael
Toomey(lobbyist for Philip Morris and Texans for Lawsuit Reform)and Maximus. In fact, he was in charge of the Maximus call-center project in California and came here to work during negotiations with Maximus for their contract for Texas call
centers at a 70,000 paycut. Interestingly, he worked here before as the CHIP
Bureau Chief, gave the CHIP eligibility contracts to Maximus, then went to
Maximus for a 75,000 raise. Cool.

Really, they must not know that at the Texas Hospital Association or they would surely have corrected their website. BTW--the Board of this group is mainly made up of THA members, including the THA president and several HOSPAC members. People who get what they want from Al Hawkins. Like Jim Springfield, THI Board Member, HOSPAC Board Member, Texas Association of Health Plans Board Member, and Perry Appointee to the Department of State Health Services Council. Also, as a matter of fact, the President of Valley Baptist Health System and beneficiary of an HHSC application to the Federal Government to restrict all non-emergency inpatient healthcare services for Medicaid recipients in Cameron County to his hospital system. This from Al-the big proponent of competition and choice?I have done my research really well. The stories will continue to be more incriminating--and accurate. There is alot of corruption needing to be exposed and it will continue to be until Al is gone, arrested, or exposed as dishonest and in collusion with lobbyists.

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