Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Letter to the Editor: Private doesn't equal good

Austin American-Statesman

Re: Nov. 15 article, "Foster care plan under review":

We must stop blindly believing that anything done by government can be done better by the private, for-profit sector.

Some activities (prisons, medical care, public schools, military supply and enrollment for state benefits, as examples) are done better by government workers - at a lower cost.

Most work previously done by government and contracted to for-profit companies ends up costing more and providing less. Business owners spend less on training, wages and health coverage to increase profits.

Chairwoman Jane Nelson, R-Lewisville, was "the only senator to attend" last week's meeting of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

Assuming there are other committee members, where in bloody blue blazes were they?

Mack Waldrip

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