Monday, May 01, 2006


This comment deserves to be on a post so it's not missed:
I am amazed that it has not yet come out that a source at DHS (now known as HHSC) IT said that our SAVERR system (which HHSC says is a defunct dinosaur) could have been converted into a Windows based environment for less than 100K.

HHSC does not want Joe Public, must less the legislators, to know this

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Anonymous said...

i heard today that accenture was trying to get out of the contract?
Heard anything?

hhscsurvivalist said...

Rumors are going around that they want to "cut their losses and get out...". As I said, this is the rumor.

Friday is the deadline for the 30 day timeframe for them to "get it right" per the FEDS. Wonder what's going to happen Friday?

Anonymous said...

I heard that too about "cutting their losses"
I heard they were even talking about scrapping tiers and going back to saverr (gws)