Friday, May 12, 2006


First off, go to Off The Kuff to read their take on the news from yesterday.....and also check out The Red State for their take.......

In other news- our weeks are turning into more than 40 hour weeks...where most have to dedicate part of their weekend to the State just to keep their heads above water.

Me included. Sounds fun, huh?

The new 'system' now that all this work is coming back is a nightmare for non-pilot offices. For one, no one got the actual INSTRUCTIONS sent out until today (but it was effective Wednesday?) finally we have an idea of what to do when TIERS clients come in. The ART workers (those who are in non-pilot that do TIERS cases) are about to come unglued with the disorganization and the workload. Already. It's only been 3 days.

Now the State is asking for 'volunteers' from non-pilot offices to go to TIERS they can 'help out' if needed. Yeah right- we ALL know what that means, right? That means they will take another worker off the schedule of an already short staffed office, and overload THEM with TIERS cases too.

I read over on HHSCSurvivalist where the media was taking heat from HHSC for reporting on what was really going on. I find that incredible. Let's remember- there are a LOT of FORMER employees now. They still have contacts in the offices. They were part of the mess that the offices have become. There WILL be those who speak out. Sad thing was, it had to get THIS bad before the media AS A WHOLE took notice and the representatives AS A WHOLE took notice. Now, with Medical Eligibility cases going into TIERS (not Children's Medicaid, but nursing home care, etc).....this is going to change the dynamics. Just wait until Joe Blow gets the bill for his mother's nursing home care because the application is delinquent because there isn't enough staff to do it timely........then, and ONLY then will the "Joe Blow's" of the State start to take notice and care.

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