Thursday, April 27, 2006

spin masters

You know, I've had this on my mind since Monday- but had to form the words before I posted-
Do y'all read the Q&A on Mondays?  Did y'all see that mess that the 'powers that be' thought would be beneficial to us, as a whole?
Listen, I'm losing my job.  I have more cases to finish than I have time.  I have more clients calling and no time to help them.  I'm about to have to start working weekends just to keep my head above water- and the best they can do is post a question from someone concerned about fresh fruit in the Winters Complex Cafeteria?  Say WHAT?!  Then that question about what if a coworker is on drugs or a drunk.  Hmmm.  Let's see- maybe all one would have to do is tell the supervisor?  Then if that didn't work, keep going up the chain of command. 
We are losing another worker.  That's another 10 slots per day gone.  We have another that may be getting a job on the outside- so that will be TWO gone.  Before too long, it'll be all the really tenured workers, and all the untrained temporary workers.  One extreme to the other.
Wonder how high the lead time is going to have to get, or how low the timeliness stats are going to have to be before someone does something.  Wait!  What can anyone do?  We've already lost some of the best workers the State has ever had.  Gone.  Not going to come back. 
How many clients are going to go without food for their kids before something happens?  Because let's be frank about it- that 3 month allottment all at one time because it's 3 months delinquent doesn't change or take away from the struggle that the client had those three months. 
Welcome to the blog.  Leave a comment.  Send an email.  Just don't give up yet!

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you fellow employee for having the courage to speak out. I'm in total agreement about the idiotic "filler" in the Monday Q&A. As far as I'm concerned it's a waste of bandwidth. In the old days we had commissioners who worked for us and for our clients. Now it seems we have one who works only for the politicians. If only they knew how important our jobs are. How many of us have helped our clients get GED's, jobs, financial aid for college, carseats for their babies, help with rent and utilities... I could go on and on. We've always gone above and beyond and continue to do so every day no matter our burdens. Our knowledge, caring and compassion can never be replaced by 211.

Anonymous said...

I agree. No one other than us understands exactly what we do. We don't just push paper, we help people. Most of us do this job because we believe in what we do. We certainly aren't getting rich. And yet, HHSC felt like the unsympathetic world of 'call centers' could serve the needs of our neediest Texans. Profit on the backs of the poor. Insane.