Monday, March 12, 2007

Comment that is deserving of being posted

I thought the following comment was worthy enough to be on the page itself so everyone sees it........provides interesting food for thought:
Topics for an interesting Albert Hawkins hearing:

1. What about ethics charges filed by Chris Bell regarding Albert Hawkins' membership on the board of Texas Health Institute and their non-competitive award of state Health and Human Service dollars? Is there an outcome?

2. What about OIG report stating public funds were paid to contractors at DSHS to lobby? Are these groups still funded? Has anyone had to pay back the money?

3. What about allegations by OIG that records were altered by DSHS and their contractors? Has there been follow-up on this serious criminal allegation in the OIG report?

4. What about allegations of inside info on bids shared between DFPS and Providence in the outsourcing of CPS services? Has this been thoroughly investigated?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Chris Bell ethic charges were really something. A desparate attempt to get attention during the campaign.

Anonymous said...

THI is a small little think tank who never had Hawkins attend any of their meetings.