Monday, March 12, 2007

More TEARS to come as TIERS spreads further into the state.......

I'm sure everyone got this- but I'm posting it for those who read here that do not work for HHSC.  So it appears as though HHSC is going to continue rolling out TIERS which STILL does not perform in a way that it should.  I suppose this also means that the issues that TIERS has in relation to fraud (where cases are basically not prosecuted that have fraud because there's no way to verify/prove that TIERS didn't cause the overpayment)...will now be spread into even MORE counties.
So while HHSC tells the public that they are putting the contract with Accenture rollout on "hold"- they are still going to rollout the system that doesn't work.
Good luck to the following counties:
In April, we will begin a series of conversions over the spring and summer that will move more counties in Region 7 and a few in Region 8 to the new system. Each conversion will take place after cutoff for that month. Here's the schedule:
April          Bastrop , Burnet, Caldwell , Comal, Guadalupe, Lampasas and Llano counties
May          Bell County
June          Brazos , Burleson, Fayette, Grimes, Milam and Washington counties
July           McLennan County
August      Bosque, Coryell, Falls, Freestone, Hamilton, Hill, Lee, Leon, Limestone, Madison, Mills, Robertson and San Saba counties.
State workers will continue to process all cases, and all state offices will remain open. With each conversion, we will conduct thorough readiness assessments before reaching a final determination to move forward. We moved Williamson County cases to TIERS in November 2006, and we converted foster care cases in February of this year. Both those conversions went very well.
Staff in the conversion areas will begin receiving TIERS training, and ART workers will fill in at the offices while staff receive training. In addition, ART workers will be on hand in the offices to assist with each transition.
If you have questions or concerns, please let your supervisor know. One of the keys to any computer conversion is to identify and address issues quickly. You are on the front lines, and we need and value your input to make the transition successful.
Thank you for all your hard work and your commitment to our clients.
Anne Heiligenstein
Deputy Executive Commissioner for Social Services

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hhscsurvivalist said...

You are on the front lines, and we need and value your input to make the transition successful.

Above line written by Anne Helingenstein. CRAP! They never asked our opinion much less give us any input over this deal! Matter of fact, they totally ignored us! More of that "political BS" if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Both conversions went well only means the actual process of converting the case from GWS to TIERS. This is in no way a statement on how the change over went in the offices. There are no comments about that.

Anonymous said...

Too bad HHSC is going to allow TAA to schedule the offices expanding into TIERS. It's bad enough the pilot offices have to put up with recertifications with file dates of 01/29/07 last benefit month 02/07 being resceduled to 03/07 without a new application. Offices should have control of their own schedules!

TIERS was having problems on 03/14/07. Workers were receiving errors while interviewing clients and the system was slow. Oh well, so much for client services.