Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Senators seek investigation of troubled social services contract
I'm going to copy pieces of the above linked article, so I can comment on it (what is below is NOT the full article, that can be found by clicking the link above)...I've taken the liberty of BOLDING that information out of the article that jumped out at me:
"Nearly every state senator has signed a letter asking the inspector general of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to investigate the failed contract with the company hired to privatize the state's social services eligibility system. "
Good. I hope they do a thorough investigation into the relationships of those involved in this
mess. I'm telling you, as a "lay person" who has no inside information to any of this- SOMEONE is getting rich off this disaster.

The letter, signed by 30 of the 31 state senators, asks the inspector general to conduct an integrity review, and if warranted, a full-scale investigation of both the new computer system and the contract for running it.
I'd like to know which state senator DIDN'T sign the letter. If your DID- send him/her an email thanking them for doing what should have been done A LONG TIME AGO. A full scale investigation into TIERS ought to be quite eye opening to many people on the "outside". The amount of money spent on TIERS is beyond comprehension considering the product that is out there.
Accenture spokesman Jim McAvoy said the company will cooperate fully with the investigation. Commission spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman said the agency will provide any information that is requested.

"It's hard to imagine that there's a document in the building that hasn't already been provided to every losing candidate for governor, the employees union and IBM's attorneys, but we'll keep the copy machine warmed up and ready to go," she added.

Well, at least Stephanie Goodman is keeping her sense of humor. I mean, she WAS trying to be funny, right? "every losing candidate for governor"? Ha ha ha ha ha......I mean, I'm sure Rick
HairPerry asked for information too, didn't he? Oh? He didn't care? I'm sorry. Wait, and "the employees union and IBM attorneys"? Yeah, so when a union full of employees wants to know what's going on and uses their right to see documents to ensure that this scam is put
out there- and the HHSC spokesperson has jokes. That's great. I wonder if she believes her own rhetoric? It's amazing that the same employees that Anne H says have important ideas and input are the employees represented in the public via a spokesperson who is so professional.

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