Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To All State Representatives

This is an open letter to ALL Texas State Representatives:

TIERS DOES NOT WORK.....GO TO YOUR LOCAL OFFICES IN YOUR DISTRICTS. TALK TO THE WORKERS WHO WORK IN THOSE OFFICES- ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHO WORK CASES ON THE SAVERR PROGRAM- ASK them if that program works. ASK them why they have stayed on amongst the turmoil. TALK to the clients in your area. FEEL their frustration.

TIERS should only be put in a highly controlled environment- not one where it literally affects clients and their families. TIERS is not what the Executive Commissioner and his cronies are telling you. IT is not the "end all, be all". ASK the people in the field who know.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is our state legislature still funding TIERS. I remember when it started as TESS and then TIES. Has anyone ever calculated the amount of money which has been put into the developement of this program since the 1980's?