Monday, March 19, 2007

Letter to the Editor

Re: "Texas terminating deal with main social services contractor – Medicaid, food stamp duties going back to state; official defends system, admits flaws," Wednesday news story.
The North Texas Food Bank applauds the decision by state Health and Human Services Commissioner Albert Hawkins to end the contract that outsourced the food stamp program.
Now it's up to the Legislature to make sure the Health and Human Services Commission gets the staff and funding it needs to fix the problems privatization created.
The complicated food stamp program requires an adequate number of trained staff to run. If privatization had resulted in a more effective and efficient program, we would acknowledge that. But it only made things worse, delaying services to thousands of hungry North Texans.
The population served by this important program is our most vulnerable – the hungry, the poor, the elderly and our children. We cannot afford to try to get it right.
Jan Pruitt, CEO, North Texas Food Bank, Dallas

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